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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018. Adobe has released the new version of Photoshop called CC. Photoshop CS, or Creative Cloud, has dozens of important differences with previous versions of Photoshop, and is also capable of providing features and fixing problems with very high speed for Adobe programmers. Adobe Photoshop CC features new features such as improved 3D drawing, more advanced image editing tools, better image picking tools, photo magnification with the lowest quality drop, a highly practical tool for reducing camera shake and many other new features.

Some features of Adobe Photoshop CC:
– A new smart Sharp that can be very functional
– Zoom in with low quality loss
– Improved ability to work on video and 3D files
– A rectangular editor that has been requested by users
– A very practical tool for reducing camera shake
– Improve 3D drawing
– Increase productivity in the use of work environment and tools
– Improved 3D control panel
– Simple image conversion from 2 to 3 dimensional
– Better, more powerful and powerful options for photo printing
– Deliver better quality output
– The fundamental transformation of the color correction tool
– Improved 3D effect
– New anti-aliasing system
– Import colors from the web
– Create visual video
– mercury graphics engine
– New Mask Panel for better work with masks
– Possibility to make panoramic images better
– Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions

Size: 1.91 + 1.63 gigabytes
Format: exe
Version: v2018.
Manufacturer: Adobe
Manufacturer: US
Website builder:

Download the 64-bit version:
Download the 18.0 version of the 64-bit
Download portable version

Download the 32-bit version:
Download the 18.0 version of the 32-bit
Download portable version