With the development of web-based technologies, the business world has undergone tremendous change. The Internet as a new media in advertising has unique features and provides a good platform for effective advertising.

The following features is a very suitable place for advertising:

– Many users will see your ad daily.
– We have global traffic check alexa for more information. 
– The fast loading speed of your media pages will allow you to quickly and effectively display your ad.
– A large number of users enter the site through search engines daily and allow you to attract new customers every day.
– The number of promotional sites on the site is limited and your ad is well seen by users.
– Use free marketing advice, at all times of the day

[Duration of advertisement is 1 month]
-Player Ads-
*300×250 Picture [Upper part of the player]
*720×90 banner html [Lower part of the player]
*Video Preroll
*VAST/VMAP Advertisement

-Page Ads-
*728×90 banner html Watch page (Location: Above Player)

Terms and Conditions:
– We accept any ad as long as its not adult and malicious.
– Ad placement after the deposit of the advertisement in the account will be responsible for advertising the site.
– The responsibility for the slogans, the contents and images used in the ad is the responsibility of the ordering party.
– The advertiser is required to submit his banner or video exactly in accordance with the specifications and rules specified.

How to contact us?
Just use the Contact Us in the footer so we can discuss for more information. We also do customer support via skype.